Build a web product without writing a line of code!


The Velvet Web software is an amalgamated web development system meaning that it has everything you need to build a web product without writing a line of code. Out of the box the software enables you to:

  • Build custom-designed web forms.
  • Build data-driven web applications.
  • Build digital work flows, for any type of business or organisation.
  • Easily style your web product using the in-built CSS generator.
  • Build custom-designed responsive websites, ecommerce sites, blogging systems and more!

Designed by designers, for designers!

The people behind the creation of the Velvet Web AWDS are passionate about delivering a product that makes designing a web product fast and efficient, without compromising on UX and UI. With our background in desktop software engineering, we wanted to bring the desktop experience into web technology. When you design your website or web application with Velvet Web AWDS it feels like you are using a desktop application.

Just build what you need!

The Velvet Web AWDS allows you to build a beautifully designed responsive website using the software straight out of the box. The software also has an in-built custom form designer, a file uploader that allows you to upload any file type (great for importing large amounts of data) and a CSS generator allowing you to style your website or web application however you please… all without writing a line of code! But that’s not the best thing about this unique system. You can take the in-built form designer and use it to build out a web technology database specific to the requirements of your or your client's business. No longer do you need to subscribe to online software that doesn’t fit your requirements, just build what you need!

"I find it a breeze to create css using the generator. So much faster and easier than doing it by hand. I dont have to guess what properties go with what, the generater groups all items you need together. With the generator it's all there for you. I can do a flexbox item in seconds now."

Making it easy to design and develop!

The Velvet Web AWDS enables designers to easily build beautifully designed, user-friendly custom web technology databases and web applications in a matter of days, not months. Functional and secure, design and build a custom application to suit the unique requirements of any business. Fully customisable and robust technology databases and web applications that are responsive and able to be used across all devices.
"With the Velvet Web AWDS I can have a custom-designed fully-functional website up and running within a day. I love how it's so easy to use. It's the definition of rapid web development!"

What is a web technology database?

A web database is a database application designed to be managed and accessed through a web browser. A web database can be used via the internet or on an intranet. Website operators can manage this collection of data and present analytical results based on the data in the web database application.

What else can a web technology database be used for?

One very popular use for a web technology database is for building custom web applications. There are numerous ways a web application can help your business. And with the ability to run across any device, it can really help to streamline your business processes.

A web application can help your business to:

  • Streamline business processes.
  • Capture online enquiries, freeing up time for other tasks.
  • Allow your staff a platform for communication with customers, clients and each other.
  • Upload any type of file needed.
  • Capture data, and more!

How do I choose the right software platform for my web application build?

There are plenty of CMS platforms available. Here are some points to look for when choosing this kind of software. They include:

  • The right features - Does the software have the right features you require for your project?
  • Scalability - Can the software be scaled up to meet your needs? Can the software grow as you grow? If so, how much will the extra users cost?
  • Integration with other systems - This will save time and remove the need to enter data twice. That in turn will save money and give you useful information to help you deal with and serve your customers better.

Can I build and test before going live?

Yes, absolutey! Build your application on a staging site, and put it through it’s paces before pushing it live. Once you’re ready, push your application live onto a robust and secure hosting network.

How does the Velvet Web System work?

Our system is what we call an Amalgamated Web Development System or AWDS. It’s a Content Management System with an inbuilt form designer. The form designer is comprised of widgets. Those widgets then bind to a database and database tables, giving you a database built entirely to the requirements of your business using web technologies.

Our system also has an inbuilt CSS generator. So you can build a website, build forms, bind those forms to a database and then style your web application with CSS to suit your branding or corporate look, all without writing a line of code! 
Build your application on a dedicated staging site and then launch whenever you’re ready to go.

Can I build a web technology database without writing code?

Yes, absolutely! If you use the Velvet Web AWDS to build your next web technology database or web application, you can do everything within the system, from low-fi prototype through to live launch, without writing a line of code.

Features out of the box

  • File Uploader - Easily upload any type of file through the easy to use user interface tool. The tool allows you to upload files to use in your website design or into the application’s database.
  • CSS Generator - Easily style your UI design using the inbuilt CSS generator.
  • Form Designer - Build and design forms to use within your website, or use the system to hook those forms up to databases to be used as a web technology database builder.

I need a web application built for me

No problem! We’ll do it for you at a fraction of what a developer would cost you.

One of our designers will contact you to discuss your business’ requirements and from there we will provide you with a written estimation on how much your application will cost.

Once you’re happy with everything, we’ll then go ahead and build your web application for you to use and test on a staging site. Once you’re happy everything is working as it should, we’ll push your web application live, ready for you, your staff and/or your customers to use.

Are you a designer, developer or agency?

We are currently partnering with designers, developers and agencies who'd like to trial the software. Become a beta user and use the software for free! Get in contact with us using the form below.