About Velvet Web

The founders of Velvet Web, Sharon and Neal, met back in 2004 while working on a stock control software project. From that point on they formed a friendship over their love of development and design. They continued to work together developing proprietary desktop software, and in more recent years transferring their skills across to online web products. 

Since leaving the corporate world and working as freelancers, they are each behind a number of beautifully designed web products that you'll find on the web today.

The Velvet Web partnership was born in 2017 with the intention of offering clients something more than the typical web design experience they are used to. For many years Sharon and Neal have worked within their own web software framework, developing unique custom-designed websites for their clients, all the while refining the software to be more user-friendly and in line with the latest web technologies. 

Sharon and Neal are passionate about developing the Velvet Web software to meet client needs. In the process the system has innately developed into much more than a simple content management system... it is what they now refer to as an amalgamated web development system, or AWDS. With all the features you’d expect within a CMS, it's also jam-packed with other really cool features that allow the user to build out a fully functional custom-designed web application.

Sharon Evans
UX/UI Designer
Front-end Developer


Neal Bowen
Full-stack Developer
Software Engineer

Thank you!

To all of our wonderful clients who have inspired us to keep on creating great web software. We understand that there is a need now more than ever before for web development software to help businesses to not only get online but also automate systems and processes with web technology software.

We're passionate about helping businesses build exactly what they need, without compromising on design and functionality, and without a hefty price tag.

It doesn’t stop here. We have loads of exciting ideas and concepts to implement into the system! Watch this space!!